We all know that gaining weight is as difficult as losing it. Using weight-gain and muscle-building products is sometimes the right choice. Losing weight may be due to anorexia and genetic factors.

If you want to gain weight or gain more volume, the most important thing to do is to consume more calories. The ideal method for this is to use weight gain supplements. In this way, you will not only increase your carbohydrate intake, but also consume different nutrients that your body needs.

Promass is a natural solution developed in the fatlab laboratory environment and recommended by all doctors for people who cannot gain weight, have weak muscle tissue, and have a weak body.

Promass, which is a full vitamin and mineral store, increases the body to the ideal weight in the person who uses it. By increasing the muscle tissues, it also provides a muscular and fit appearance.

How to gain weight healthy
Gradual weight gain is required. 500 calories taken daily can increase your body by 0.5 kg per week. This situation varies according to your height, weight and age. Regulating the nutritional status and structuring your body tissues is one of the most important factors for you to gain a healthy weight.

Gain weight by exercising
It is necessary for thin people to be careful not to eat too much so that their stomach does not grow. If you are very fond of eating, your belly will only grow and you will have a bad appearance. To avoid this, you should exercise. You need to do regular cardio, weight training and exercise.

For a lean body
If you want to have a lean body while gaining weight, you should work out weights. The routines you need to do should be big weights. The multiple muscle movements you will make will activate your hormonal response systems.

A healthy diet is essential
You should take healthy diets from experts and follow them. You have to store regular carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Protein is essential for building muscle and helps you gain weight.

Drink more fluids
Another way to gain weight is to increase fluid intake. Remember to drink water before and after meals. You should drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day. You can drink more.

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