Gaining weight is as important a problem for some people as losing weight. Even though people who do not gain weight despite eating, are admired, not being able to fill the clothes they wear or being exposed to the jokes that your bones are counted when summer comes can be annoying. In order to gain weight, like losing weight, it is necessary to get support from a specialist. Because it is very important to distribute the weight gained proportionally in the body. There are several reasons for not gaining weight. These are genetic makeup, metabolic rate or malnutrition.

Promass helps you gain weight quickly and healthily thanks to its weight-reducing natural ingredients.

To gain weight;

  • Remember that to gain weight as well as to lose weight, you must act in a controlled way and you must get support from an expert for this!
  • To find out if you have any health problems that may prevent you from gaining weight, make sure to have the tests and controls recommended by your nutrition and diet specialist.
  • Choose foods with high energy density.
  • Start the day with a rich breakfast table.
    In addition to high-calorie foods, eat bread for lunch and dinner.
  • Try not to drink beverages at meals. Drinks that are consumed too much can cause you to feel full faster and not to consume main meals.
  • Consume high-calorie foods such as walnuts, almonds, dried apricots, figs and grapes in between meals.
  • In addition to gaining weight, it is important to increase your muscle mass. Make sure to exercise regularly every day.
  • If you are tired of eating high-calorie foods, choose liquid foods such as milk, juice or shakes.
  • Increase the amount of oil in your meals, but stay away from greasy frying and high-fat foods. Do not forget that you do not need to spoil your health when you say that you will gain weight!
  • Opt for sherbet desserts instead of milk desserts. However, you should definitely consult your nutrition and diet specialist so that excessive consumption of sugar and fat to increase the amount of calories does not adversely affect your general health.
  • Consume nuts, rice, meat, full fat, milk and dairy products, potatoes, chocolate, legumes in main and snack meals.
  • Eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • By drinking more water daily, you can increase your stomach volume and digest the foods you consume more easily.
  • You can increase calories by mixing foods (like adding whole wheat bread while making meatballs) to gain weight.

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