How to Use Promass Weight Gainer?

Promass weight gainer, which is completely herbal, is a weight gainer supplement approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. By regulating the metabolism of the users, it opens their appetite, prevents problems such as intestinal worms, pinworms, tapeworms, and eliminates the situations that prevent weight gain. It ensures that the nutritional values of the consumed foods are absorbed in the body in the most effective way, and it gives energy to its users.

Promass Weight Gainer Ingredients and Usage

Promass weight gainer content is completely herbal, it has no side effects. It contains carob, dandelion, white cocoa, cumin, wheat, various fruit extracts, black cumin, pollen, St. John’s Wort and ginger. Locust bean and white cocoa are rich in many vitamins and minerals. Dandelion and pollen prevent the problem of not gaining weight due to loss of appetite. Pollen provides energy, especially by opening the appetite of users. Black cumin and St. John’s Wort are strong antioxidant sources, they keep the body vigorous and help strengthen the immune system. Cumin and ginger regulate the intestinal flora and help to expel various parasites from the body.

Promass weight gainer supplement has a powder structure. It should be dissolved in water, milk or fruit juice twice a day, at least half an hour after eating. Unlike Promass protein supplements, it is completely herbal. It regulates the body’s metabolism and increases appetite. Protein supplements only provide calorie support. When using Promass food supplement, consumption of carbohydrates such as rice and pasta will accelerate the weight gain period.

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