What is Promass ?

Promass weight gainer is a natural herbal extract that helps you gain weight naturally. The weight gainer product increases your food consumption levels by increasing your appetite, making you want to eat more food. In addition to this, most people, who want to gain weight still struggle to do so as they have a fast metabolism. Promass weight gainer decreases your metabolic rate and helps your body digest the food that you have eaten and use the nutrition from that food in the most effective way.

Have you tried many weight gain methods and still not reached the weight you want ?

One of the most important reasons for this are: most people believe that you have to bulk yourself up by eating lots of proteins and carbohydrates. However, there are many people around us who cannot gain weight despite paying close attention to their nutrition. The main reason people struggle to put on weight is due to their metabolism, which in this case is fast; Promass Weight Gainer regulates your metabolic rate in order for you to gain weight. Promass Weight Gainer also helps to clear the digestive system, this increases your appetite. Overall, Promass weight gainer helps you eliminate any factors that may be preventing you from gaining weight.

How to Use Promass ?

Mix x1 sachet of Promass Weight Gain product with x1 glass (between 150-200 ml) of milk, fruit juice twice a day; 20 minutes after a meal.

Weight Gainer Ingredients ?


Carob is rich in carbohydrates, fats and sodium. It is also considered rich in vitamins A and C. It contains many minerals and elements, especially selenium, potassium, magnesium. It contributes to health with the help of elements and vitamins it contains.

The dandelion contained in Promass has an appetizing feature, and since it has a sweet aroma, it increases the secretion of bile and thus enables the digestive enzymes to work. The most effective time of dandelion in the body is when you wake up in the morning.


It is a powerful antioxidant and has many proven benefits even in DNA healing, it is a unique ingredient collected from special regions of the world, especially to eliminate disorders in the digestive system.


Wheat, which contains a high amount of fiber, both regulates your digestive system and provides protein that is easy to digest.

It is rich in vitamin E, strengthens the immune system, acts as an antioxidant. Strengthens memory, helps in regulating the digestive system.

Promass, which does not contain any additives, used fruit extracts instead of sugar as a sweetener.

promass kilo aldırıcı

It is appetizing and seriously reduces fever, It is useful in relieving stomach pains, It refreshes the body and gives strength.

promass kilo aldırıcı

With its anti-inflammatory effect, it is especially useful against joint inflammation. Ginger, which is good for colds, is expectorant and accelerates healing, It helps relieve nausea and prevents vomiting, Ginger increases body resistance, physical and mental strength, It strengthens the immune system and eliminates intestinal disorders.

promass kilo aldırıcı

Cumin makes you hungry and makes digestion easier . It is diuretic and helps your body get rid of unnecessary salt in your body. Cumin reduces stomach bloating and stomach aches. It also has many other benefits such as: it helps to reduce intestinal worms, it calms the nerves, it lowers high blood pressure, it reduces the cholesterol rate. However It is useful for shortness of breath, prostate, diabetes and rheumatism. It facilitates the removal of harmful substances from the body by making the body sweat. It is useful in cramps and heart ailments. Cumin oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, digestive, diuretic and stimulating properties.

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